Link Building Do’s and Don’ts for 2020

Published by July 14th, 2020

Link Building Do’s

There is a lot that you are going to have to think about when dealing with link building and in 2020 here is plenty that you should be doing and not doing. When it comes to being an SEO marketer you need to ensure that you know what do to and what to do, especially for your customers. The more you can create the links, then the more authority your client would earn, so keep reading on to find out a few of the best things to be doing and avoiding for this year.

What to Do

You should always ensure that you know what you should be doing whenever you are link building and some of the top things to do include:

Using long-tail keywords – 

You want to make sure that your content is going to be picked up by the viewers when they are doing the search. This means that using long-tail keywords is going to be the best way to go about, which would use a phrase rather than 1 or 2 keywords. This is also going to help your site rank higher for voice searches since they often use longer phrases or complete sentences while doing their research.

Increased social visibility – 

Your page needs to have an increase in social visibility since this is a good way to help increase the links. The more traffic you are getting to your page, then the more people can share it with their friends and family. Those pages that do well on social media platforms are always getting an increase in ranking on the search engine results. The best way to do this is to embed some share buttons for all of the most popular platforms on the bottom or to your page.

Guest blogs or forum comments – 

You are also going to want to make sure that you are writing guest blogs for other industry-related pages. Another great way to bring in more traffic is by writing for another website that would link to your site. You can also comment in various forums with your URL, which would allow more people to find your business easier.

It is important that you know what you should be doing in terms of link building so that you can implement all of these tips. Ensure that you are thinking about these and deciding which ones are going to be good for your business needs.

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What to Not Do

You also need to be aware of what you shouldn’t be doing when it comes to link building, especially if you want to increase your current ranking on the search engines. The more you know about what you shouldn’t be doing, then the more you can be aware of what to avoid and this includes:

Using sponsored or purchased links – 

You should avoid looking for any paid or even sponsored links for your pages. This is going to look like spam and you are going to want to link a huge variety of industry-related pages to your website. Google frowns on those websites that purchase links rather than creating them in trusted ways. Buying the links should be avoided, but if you are using links that are sponsored ensure that you are using the right tag that would let the search engines know about this.

Don’t use the same keyword over and over – 

You are also going to want to avoid using the same keywords numerous times in your content. The more you do this, then the more it looks like you are spamming the content, which isn’t going to be taken lightly. If you need to make sure that you are using a larger number of keywords, then ensure that you are changing them up and using different wording or phrases. This is also when the use of long-tail keywords is going to be vital.

It might not be easy to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing, but if you are aware of what the wrong ways are, then you can find better ways. Think about how you can get to the top of the ranks organically without having to purchase or get sponsored links that might affect your rank.

Go ahead and ensure that you know some of the best things to be doing when it comes to link building. You need to make sure that you are allowing the readers to share your content on social media and you should use long-tail keywords. Avoid using the same keywords numerous times in the same content and instead, use different variations of them and longer tail ones at the same time. These tips will help you to get the links that you need without dealing with an impact on your site or your current ranking.