Top 7 Link Building Strategies that Can Improve Your Rankings

Published by May 8th, 2020

Link Building Strategies

Previously, the quantity of links that you had outweighed the quality of them, but that isn’t true these days. You should always understand that this is a process that you can’t do right away, but one that would take time to gradually increase and work. The pages that you are using to create these back links is important when it comes to how the search engines rank you. Here are just a few of the top strategies that you are going to need to know so that you can use them to improve your rankings.

Link Building Strategies to Know

There are plenty of strategies that one can use for their website when it comes to link building, especially if you are attempting to increase your current rank. Knowing these strategies isn’t going to be enough and you are going to have to ensure that after being aware of what they are that you are implementing them. The higher the ranking you have, then the more clients are going to trust you, and the more they are going to choose your company over others when they need products or services.

There are plenty of strategies that one should always be aware of so that they can be implemented and you need to know what is going to work and what won’t. Here are just 7 of the top strategies that you need to know about so that you can start using them on your own websites, including:

  • Use and write guest blogs – 

Ensure that you are not only asking for guest blog posts for your own website but that you are also writing them for other websites. You should check out each page that is requesting you to write a post to see if they are trusted and if they are going to increase your ranking. The more posts you are creating and writing, then the more of an authority figure you would become in this sector. Find out what your readers want to know about and then write about those topics to draw them in.

  • Use infographics – 

Another thing that you should be doing is creating and then distributing various infographics. These are simply images that contain important information and they are concise, yet attractive to the readers who are looking for a summary. These can be created by yourself or you can find some that have already been created, but ensure that they are related to the information that you are posting.

  • Use social media – 

You might not like social media, but if you want your business to achieve your ranking goal, then you need to become active on it. This can be done as your business brand and you should ensure that you are sharing plenty of posts, which can help to increase links organically. This is the best way that you can interact with your customers and respond quickly to any questions or issues that might occur.

  • Trusted link resources – 

If you are going to be sharing any type of resources with your readers, then you should ensure that they come from trusted links. You want to make sure that these links are from trusted brands in the industry or from the news sector, so do your research about which ones to use. If you aren’t using trusted links, then the readers aren’t going to find you as trustworthy or as authoritative on the topics that you are writing about.

  • Replace broken links – 

When it comes to this strategy you need to find some broken links that bloggers might have that they don’t know about. If they have these, then you should let them know and then offer them some of your content that is the same. This is a great way to fix their problem and help you to create another link for your website, so go ahead and start looking for broken links to fix.

  • Backlinks of competition – 

You might not think about this, but you are going to want to look at what your current competition is doing. This means checking out what backlinks they have and trying to get some of the same ones, including by determining who is your biggest competition. These could be blog-related links or even corporate ones, so determine which is which and find out where they are getting the majority of their traffic from. Once you have done this, then you can try to use their strategy to help your own business.

  • Ensuring high-quality content – 

Earlier content wasn’t something that you would need to focus on, but these days content is the king. You should make sure that any content that you are posting is of the highest quality and that it is going to give your readers important and pertinent knowledge that they are looking for. You also want to avoid repeating or plagiarizing what others are saying, so consider changing up the content to make it unique. Use long-tail keywords during the content and try to go for a longer article or blog to get all of the details in.

These are only a few of the strategies that you might be able to use when it comes to creating links that will bring in more traffic. The more traffic you are bringing in and the higher that you are ranking on the search engine results, then the higher authority and reputation your business will have.

Ensure that you are thinking about creating and building links all over the internet for your business since this is one of the top ways to increase your ranking. If you know some of the top strategies that are useful, then it will make it much easier, including by writing and creating guest blogs for various sites and unique content for your own site. You also need to be checking out your competition to see where they are getting their ranking from and how you can use that to increase your own.